Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gay Cruise Spots Nc Why Is The Saluda River In Columbia, SC Always So Cold Compared To The Broad And The Merged Congaree River?

Why is the saluda river in columbia, SC always so cold compared to the Broad and the merged Congaree river? - gay cruise spots nc

The river is so cool compliment, something like 50-60 degrees all year, but must be more than 150 miles from the mountains of North Carolina. Why is this so?

I like going to the old tree swing in the river outside of a body after Bush River Road (now a child of gay cruising spot, apparently). Swimming is almost unbearable .. is big, hot days of summer. Swimming in the Congaree in St Gervais. Park Bridge is much hotter. The temperature of the rivers or the general warming of the breadth and depth of the Congaree that gives you more ways to warm up.

Who wants to shed light on the matter?


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